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Install the latest EPiServer patches

Create: 07/13/2015

Prerequisites: Create a EPiServer CMS Project


To verify and apply the latest change in EPiServer CMS package:

  1. Select Tools -> Nuget Package Manager -> Package Manager Settings, and select Package Sources.
  2. Click Add +, enter a Name and  the Source url: http://nuget.episerver.com/feed/packages.svc
  3. Click Update and OK.


  4. Select Tools -> Nuget Package Manager -> Manage Nuget Packages, and select the name assigned to the package in the the preview step.
  5. Click Update All if there are some availibale updates


  6. The packges will start updating and you need to accept the license terms.


  7. Close when the operation is finished.
  8. Build and Start Bebugging the project.
  9. Some patches might need more manual steps. In that case, a description will be displayed when you browse your site. You need to follow the instructions to complete the update.
    In that packages update, we need to update the database manualy by running cmdlet Update-epidatabase in the Package Manager Console


Next exercise: Create a Start Page Type

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